Anger Management for Teens

Let’s face it….being a teenager today isn’t easy. Adolescents ages 12-19 are experiencing a wide range of physical and emotional changes. And there are more pressures than ever before at home, in school and in our communities. Still, if your son or daughter is engaging in angry outbursts, lashing out at others or seems to have difficulty controlling their emotions, some of their spur-of-the-moment actions could be life-changing. Anger is a normal emotion for everyone, but fights at school, slamming doors at home, verbal altercations with siblings and other family members may be a sign that some intervention is necessary. Without intervention, violence typically escalates and as your teen gets older (and stronger), the potential consequences increase exponentially.  Little problems tend to become big problems as we get older!

Here are some signs that your son or daughter may need some anger management help:

  • Does your teen yell at you, slam doors or break things in your home?
  • Have they been involved in fights at school?
  • Have others – teachers, coaches or your friends – asked you about your child’s anger?
  • Does your child snap at you or pick fights with their siblings?
  • Does their anger and frustration seem to escalate very quickly and over seemingly minor things?
  • Do they have trouble letting go of grievances and seem to hold a grudge against others for a long period of time?
  • Do you find yourself “walking on eggshells” around your child, trying to avoid saying something that will set him or her off?

These are some of the questions to consider when deciding whether or not your child could use some outside help. Most importantly, trust your gut as a parent and if you’re reading this page, odds are, you think there are some issues to be addressed.

At LICADD, we offer a comprehensive clinical assessment and if warranted, will help you come up with a care plan. We offer individualized Adolescent Anger Management Coaching in Ronkokoma and Mineola and because we are non-profit, our anger management fees are the lowest on Long Island. Our anger management program for teens teaches participants: how to recognize anger triggers; understand the impact anger has on their bodies, their psychological well-being and their relationships; identify and practice alternative ways of expressing themselves; and how to acheive a greater level of self-control.

To find out more about our adolescent anger management program, or to schedule an anger management assessment for your teen, please call us at 516-747-2606 or 631-979-1700. Confidentiality, caring and compassion is 100% assured.

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