Anger Management FAQs

Where are LICADD’s anger management classes held?

LICADD offers anger management classes across Long Island. Our anger management classes meet in Ronkonkoma, in Mineola and in other Nassau/Suffolk locations. LICADD is the premier provider of anger management classes on Long Island and our classes are accepted by courts, probation departments and employers nationwide.

Are online anger management classes any good?

Some online anger management classes are fine, but others are not and usually you don’t know which is which until you plug in your credit card number and pay a fee. If you’ve been mandated to anger management classes by a judge, probation officer or your employer, an online class may not meet that requirement. LICADD’s in-person anger management classes provide an experience you can’t get sitting in front of a computer and will help you develop anger management skills through an interactive, dynamic process. Our classes are also approved by courts, probation and law enforcement officials.

How many anger management classes will I need?

It depends on your individual circumstances. Our certified anger management professionals will meet with you, conduct a structured assessment and make a recommendation. This clinical assessment takes about an hour and will provide a road map for your future growth. On average, our clients attend between 10-20 weekly sessions. You may need more or less, depending on your situation and how fully you participate in the classes.

Is anger management like psychotherapy?

No. LICADD’s anger management classes are psycho-educational in nature, designed to give you concrete tools for managing your emotions and your actions. Our workshops are focused on the here and now, and don’t necessarily look at the past as psychotherapy might. You’ll leave each and every one of our classes with some key strategies for better managing and controlling your anger.

I don’t have a drug/alcohol problem; Are LICADD’s programs still appropriate for me?

Yes! While LICADD specializes in chemical dependency programs, we offer a variety of other self-improvement, health and wellness programs as well.  Our anger management programs are ideal for any Long Islander looking for better ways to manage their emotions, control their anger and lead a happier, more peaceful life.

What are the advantages of anger management groups versus individualized anger management coaching?

Our anger management groups give you the opportunity to learn with, and from others. You’ll receive support and understanding from your peers and be able to “try out” different approaches to conflict resolution in a safe setting. You’ll also realize that you’re not alone in your challenges and gain valuable insights as you listen to the experiences of others. Anger management groups also cost less than individual anger management coaching as several clients can share a clinician’s time.

I’m interested in LICADD’s anger management programs. How do I enroll?

Call us at 516-747-2606 and we’ll set up an anger management intake/assessment for you. The fee for this session is based on a sliding scale and as a non-profit organization, our rates are the lowest you’ll find anywhere on Long Island. We can usually see you within 48 hours in Ronkonkoma or Mineola. If you are interested in attending one of our classes, we suggest calling as soon as possible as our classes fill-up fast.